Bleached Hair | How to Take Care of Bleached Hair and Fix Damage

Bleached Hair | How to Take Care of Bleached Hair and Fix Damage

Take Care of Bleached Hair for Shine

If you take care of bleached hair, and it can look shiny and healthy. I’ve been working with hair for over 35 years and in my experience, taking the time to think about how to take care of your bleached hair pays dividends. 

Yes, it needs a little bit of extra care and attention. But, let me reassure you the results are worth the effort.

Female model with long bleached hair that is shiny and silky

You may have found my blog because you are looking for the best hair mask for bleached hair or wondering how to fix hair damaged from over-bleaching. Perhaps you want to know how you can get your bleached hair to look shiny and feel healthy.

Whatever your question, keep reading to discover the best advice for looking after bleached hair and fixing bleach damaged hair.

Taking Care of Bleached Hair

A good starting point in understanding how to take care of bleached hair is to consider the impact of styling or colouring treatments. Here’s why. My philosophy is that for *your* hair to look its best, it’s vital to put back what you take out.

What do I mean by that? Well, the process of chemical treatments is drying for your hair. That means if we are reducing the moisture levels by bleaching hair, this is taking out moisture from your hair. In this instance, putting back is about restoring moisture to your hair. That’s why a deep conditioner is essential for bleached hair.

When you add heated styling into the mix, it exacerbates dry hair and causes further problems with dryness and breakage.

I have worked with hair throughout my my career and in this, my ultimate guide to taking care of bleached hair, I’ll share the experience and knowledge I have gained.

Discover my tips on how to take care of bleached hair. Plus, discover tips and advice on how you can tame frizz and breakage to achieve shiny, silky hair.

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How to Take Care of Bleached Hair: Advice and Tips

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What happens when you bleach your hair?

bleach being applied by a professional to a female with blonde hair

  • Hair is treated with a chemical (bleach) to open the hair cuticle.
  • The bleach destroys the natural pigment of the hair.
  • The dark pigment disappears, and, bleached blonde is the result.

It’s worth understanding a couple of things about the structure of the hair. Firstly, the outer layer of the hair, the cuticle, is made up of tiny scales. Secondly, those scales protect your cortex, the centre of your hair which holds moisture.

Whenever we open the hair cuticle, the cortex loses moisture. That means the hair becomes more porous which means it’s more challenging for the hair to retain moisture. Unfortunately, that does mean bleaching your hair can leave it feeling dry and brittle.

Here’s a little test for you. Try taking a small section of hair between your thumb and finger; feel the texture of your hair.

If your hair feels slightly rough to the touch, it needs moisture. Hair that has moisture has a slippery, silky texture.

If you’re not feeling that slippery, silky texture, I’d like to reassure you that you can achieve it. It does take some commitment. But, in my experience, it’s worth the effort. 

Below, you’ll find my exclusive tips on taking care of bleached hair. You’ll find my tips on creating your own healthy hair routine and how to set yourself the goal of achieving soft, shiny bleached hair.


How can I add moisture to my hair after bleaching?

All chemical processes reduce the moisture in your hair. However bleaching is harsher than other colour treatments. That’s because to bleach hair we have to remove the hair’s pigment and this leaves hair at risk of becoming dry and brittle.

My simple but effective mantra to combat the effects of bleaching is hydrate, hydrate, hydrate your hair.

Understanding how to deep condition your hair is key to getting the most from your hair product. Read my exclusive bleached hair tips for deep conditioning and discover how to get the most from your deep conditioner and how to ditch dry, brittle hair for soft, silky hair.