For greasy scalp and hair

Rebalancing shampoo for oily skin and hair. It effectively reduces excess sebum from the hair, making it shiny and vital.

Purifies the skin by performing a rebalancing action.

Surfactants and wheat proteins

The combined presence of Wheat Proteins and delicate Surfactants promotes a dermal balancing and purifying effect on the scalp, leaving hair shiny, light and strong.

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Sebum Regulating Shampoo - GENUS Balance
1000 ML300 ML

Sebum Regulating Shampoo - GENUS Balance

$29.00 USD – $43.00 USD
Sebum regulating shampoo Sebum regulating shampoo for greasy scalp and hair.Thanks to its balanced formula with gentle Surfactants and Wheat Proteins, it effectively removes excess grease from hair, leaving it...