For greasy scalp and hair

Rebalancing shampoo for oily skin and hair. It effectively reduces excess sebum from the hair, making it shiny and vital.

Purifies the skin by performing a rebalancing action.

Surfactants and wheat proteins

The combined presence of Wheat Proteins and delicate Surfactants promotes a dermal balancing and purifying effect on the scalp, leaving hair shiny, light and strong.

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Sebum Regulating Shampoo - GENUS Balance
1000 ML300 ML

Sebum Regulating Shampoo - GENUS Balance

$29.00 – $43.00
Sebum regulating shampoo Sebum regulating shampoo for greasy scalp and hair.Thanks to its balanced formula with gentle Surfactants and Wheat Proteins, it effectively removes excess grease from hair, leaving it...