Garlic Genus

For chemically treated hair

Revitalizing shampoo and mask for brittle and chemically treated hair. Enriched with Garlic Extract and Wheat Protein, they regenerate the hair, moisturizing and improving the overall health of the scalp and hair. It strengthens and gives volume, making hair soft and shiny. Horseradish Root Extract also has a purifying action.

Garlic extract

It helps stimulate circulation, promoting natural hair growth. It prevents breakage, keeping hair shiny, thick and strong.

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Revitalizing Mask - GENUS Garlic
500 ML1000 ML

Revitalizing Mask - GENUS Garlic

$41.00 – $58.00
Revitalizing Mask Revitalizing mask for chemically treated hair.Enriched with Garlic Extract and Bamboo Extract, it revitalizes, moisturizes and strengthens hair. It gives volume and leaves hair silky and easily combable.
Revitalizing Shampoo - GENUS  Garlic
1000 ML300 ML

Revitalizing Shampoo - GENUS Garlic

$29.00 – $45.00
Revitalizing Shampoo Revitalizing shampoo for chemically treated hair.Enriched with Garlic Extract and Wheat Proteins, it revitalizes hair stressed by chemical treatments, hydrating and improving the general health of scalp and...