for hair and scalp with dandruff

Professional program with Piroctone Olamine and Sage, Thyme and Rosemary Extracts, which have an effective balancing and normalizing effect on the scalp, helping to eliminate bothersome dandruff issues.

It helps eliminate the unsightly problem of dandruff thanks to its rebalancing and normalising action.

It acts on the skin by eliminating dandruff-related discomfort.

piroctone olamine and sage, thyme and rosemary extracs

The combined action of these substances eliminates dandruff and performs an antibacterial and anti-fungal action, helping to restore the scalp to its optimal physiological condition.

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Purifying Shampoo - GENUS Purity
300 ML1000 ML

Purifying Shampoo - GENUS Purity

$29.00 USD – $45.00 USD
Purifying Shampoo Purifying shampoo for hair and scalp with dandruff.Enriched with Piroctone Olamine and Extracts of Sage, Thyme and Rosemary, it helps rid hair of the tricky problem of dandruff,...