For fine, weak hair

Professional program with Wheat Proteins that strengthen fine and weak hair, restoring energy and vitality.

Wheat proteins

Thanks to the presence of amino acids similar to those of the hair structure, they are able to give hair strength, volume and shine.

Line consisting of a shampoo, hair and scalp mask with clay that purifies the scalp and refreshes the hair.

Two energising lotions conclude the treatment: the first with chilli and wheat protein, the second with wheat protein, soya and horseradish extract.

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Energizing Lotion Cren  - GENUS Energy
125 ML

Energizing Lotion Cren - GENUS Energy

$47.00 USD
Energizing Lotion Cren  - GENUS EnergyEnergizing lotion for fine, weak hair. The balanced formula, boosted with Horseradish, Wheat Proteins and Soya, tonifies and nourishes the scalp by performing a stimulating, strengthening...
Energizing Lotion  - GENUS Energy
125 ML10 ML x12 pz

Energizing Lotion - GENUS Energy

$47.00 USD – $53.00 USD
Energizing Lotion  - GENUS Energy Energizing lotion for fine, weak hair. It performs an effective strengthening and stimulating action, thanks to the formula enriched with Chili Pepper Extract and Wheat...
Reinforcing Clay Mask - GENUS Energy
500 ML1000 ML

Reinforcing Clay Mask - GENUS Energy

$41.00 USD – $53.00 USD
Reinforcing clay mask Reinforcing clay mask for fine, weak hair.Cream with a soft texture, particularly easy to spread, favouring tissue oxygenation. The red clay exerts a mild peeling action on...
Energizing Shampoo  - GENUS Energy
1000 ML300 ML

Energizing Shampoo - GENUS Energy

$29.00 USD – $43.00 USD
Energizing Shampoo  - GENUS Energy Energizing shampoo for fine, weak hair The formula containing Chili Pepper Extract and Wheat Proteins performs a regenerating and strengthening action. It cleanses effectively, respecting...